Memes im E-Unterricht? Yes, please! :)

“Home schooling” ermöglicht uns im Moment, Unterricht über unterschiedliche Zugänge auszuprobieren und der Abwechslung und Kreativität (endlich) größeren Platz einzuräumen. Einige Schülerinnen und Schüler der 6. Klassen haben im E-Unterricht bisher bereits mehrmals unter Beweis gestellt, was sie draufhaben. Zwei Arbeitsaufträge bzw. einige Ergebnisse dazu sollen hier präsentiert werden. Well done, everyone!



Corona curfew…..Spending that much time together can be hard sometimes –  for you, your siblings, your parents….and your pets. Let’s talk about it, or rather, let’s have our pets talk about it. Take a picture of your pet or an object in your house (mirror, plant, stuffed animal….) and create a meme. It should basically illustrate the pet’s/object’s thoughts about the current situation at home. Be creative!


Task 2: Stop the Spread of Germs – POSTER PROJECT

Have a look at the poster “Stop the Spread of Germs”. You will see 7 important pieces of advice (well, more like “rules”), for example “Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces”.
I want you to be creative now:
1.     Craft a banner/poster of one of the rules and
2.     take a cool picture of yourself with it. Or even better….let someone else take the picture of you and your “Spruchband”.
3.     Upload your picture on moodle.
The picture should mirror the importance of what is being said in the rule. However, it can still be funny. Our goal is to gather a really cool collection of really cool pictures. 🙂